Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Carbon Counter/Green Living

In his blog, The Boring Life, Adam put in a Carbon Counter and I think it's such a great idea so I've done that today. It measures the (somewhat shocking) emissions that your blog is indirectly generating and then invests in renewable energy to counteract it. The Carbon Counter is at the end of my page, and my reader(s) can use the icon to initiate their own blog carbon counter.

My town has a Safeway and a local "fresh market" grocery store named Roth's. I purchased these black bio shopping bags from each store (they have their logos) to use when I shop. They are so strong and hold much more than regular plastic or paper grocery bags. Roth's offered them first and I kept bugging the checkers at Safeway to get them there. I said that I'd start using my Roth's bags at Safeway if they didn't stock bio bags with the Safeway logo. Enough people must have made it an issue because when Safeway recently remodeled the bags were right at the checkout stands.

The remodel included a Starbuck's. I won't go there. This little town has three independently-owned coffee houses downtown alone, plus one at Roth's and several drive-up boxes. If I want a specialty coffee I'll patronize one of the shops downtown. All in all, my coffee of choice is Yuban Original (comes in dark roast also), because Yuban uses minimum 30% Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee and supports sustainable development. It is good coffee, and serves a good cause. Period.

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Adam said...

hey lydia--good for you for getting the carbon counter up. Having done that probably broke the floodgates for you for a whole host of other things, like a hit counter. Anytime you see something that interests you with that pastable code for your blog, pull up a new HTML object. Your blog has unlimited room; you can put stuff in the header, footer, or sidear.
I'm glad that you support locally-owned stores instead of national chains.


Adam said...

Hey Lydia-
I'm so glad you got that hit counter up and that picture on your profile.

When you get a chance, check out my blog's new layout. It's pretty cool but maybe a little cramped???

Please take a peek and comment.




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