Thursday, March 13, 2008

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I had a comment from Adam with instructions on how to provide a link for my reader(s) to his blog. (Adam uses a bobblehead for his blog photo, which I think is hysterical. Some brief history on bobbleheads from
The earliest known reference to a bobblehead is thought to be in Nikolai Gogol's 1842 short story The Overcoat, in which the main character's neck was described as "like the necks of plaster cats which wag their heads". The modern bobblehead first appeared in the 1950s. . . )

Since I was dumbfounded in trying to get a link to work in my blog the other night I was glad to have Adam's advice. Being new at blogging and semi Webworld-literate compared with kids and young adults, even the montage of information at the Help Group seemed daunting. So, thank you Adam, for being instructive in plain and simple terms that a middle-aged neophyte can handle! I really hate that term -- middle-aged. Not neophyte, however, because if I'm not open to new experiences each day then the gift of my life is squandered.

Adam has a relatively new blog that looks great and reads well. I'm not sure how I found his blog now, I mean which category I was looking at in - but it jumped out at me. He is a teenager with an uncanny ability to appreciate and relate to other age groups, cultures, and ideas. Adam claims that his life is boring but reading about it is certainly not! I think he has something special going on in his blog.

I also had a comment from Ron (one of those warm and wonderful Old English Sheepdog lovers) in response to my earlier entry about my head injuries, and about my OES Woofles. Ron has his own blog but I won't reference it here without his permission. He is the webmaster of a forum for Old English Sheepdog people and he invited me to enter there to compose thoughts about Woofles, who we lost in May 2007. I may just do that because there's so much to say about Woofie and so much heartache still, just missing him.

We were, however, absolutely blessed to have another Old English Sheepdog join our family in September 2007! We adopted her from an OES rescue organization after deciding against getting a puppy. Abby is seven years old and . . . well, she is perfect. Ron says on his information page that he wanted an Old English Sheepdog since he was about 10. I was just about that age when I got a huge blue stuffed sheepdog from my babysitter's husband, and he suggested that I name my stuffed animal Woofles. I still have the stuffed toy, no kidding. So from that time on I also wanted a real sheepie and when we got Woofles as a puppy in 1998 the dream was realized. BUT, once you have an Old English Sheepdog it's nearly impossible to be without them! Even our Standard Poodle, Bonbon, agrees. She and Woofles were inseparable, and now she and Abby are the best of friends - - - and the same age. The picture here is of Bonbon and Woofles about six years ago.

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Adam said...

Hey Lydia- I'm really happy to see that you figured out the mystery that is hyperlinks and pictures:-) To get something like the carbon counter or anything that says "paste the code to your blog" or something similar, you have to go to layout at the top right corner when you are signed in. Choose the location where you want it (anywhere where it says 'add a page element'). Then choose "HTML/JavaScript" and paste the line(s) that you copied from the site. Then Click save and then view blog (you can also give it a title if you want to) and then voila! It might actually take a couple of times refreshing the page to get it working correctly; mine said I was generating 9900000 lbs of carbon emissions! So good luck with that.

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