Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OM to daily yoga practice

Yogamum, the originator of WoYoPracMo, a yoga web group, has proclaimed July to be an Official WoYo Practice Every Day month. I'm one of 294 members in this group and quite likely one who most needs the incentive of knowing that there are others committing to daily yoga this month. One of the members posted this funny puppet video, Puppetji vs Yoga, that I'm sharing here.

I've been doing Iyengar yoga since 2000. I love it and have no excuse or understanding, really, of why I've slacked off since last September. A recent excuse is the crazy schedule I've been keeping for about three months. I've been staying up writing, blogging, and reading other blogs into the wee morning hours and getting up mid-morning. The sleep deprivation is beginning to catch up with me and I need to get back into a saner, more regular schedule, one that allows for morning yoga and sometimes an evening practice also.

If I showed up at my former yoga class I think it would surprise the heck out of Teri, the teacher. To grow my at-home practice, I used to go on Wednesday mornings to a local class given inside an old meeting hall (there is another yoga class given at the hospital). Contrary to what this cute puppet says, my fellow yoga students never got on my nerves. This isn't a trendy group of people wearing the latest yoga attire color-coded to match their sticky mats. Most are women and men my age, perfume- and fart-free, very down-to-earth people. I feel guilty that I strayed away, but I was frustrated that as my daily practice was evolving to more difficult poses the yoga class was stuck back in the beginning. Teri is so kind that whenever a new person, and total beginner, comes to class she usually conducts the class geared for that person. I just wasn't growing, so decided to do yoga at home only. I did quite well for about a year practicing regularly at home, then began to give myself a day off here and there, then a week, then duh...

When I was at the grocery store a few months ago I saw a former yoga class member, Ike, in the produce section. Ike said that he had also stopped going to Teri's classes because he got tired of her "dumbing down" the class for beginners. He now drives to Portland 40 miles twice a week to what he described as a dream Ashtanga yoga class at a studio that caters mainly to athletes and future yoga teachers. I told Ike that I'll watch the paper to see if he starts teaching Iyengar in our area in the future (I have a feeling that is his plan).

I'm not giving up on Teri's class, however. This is a small town and she wouldn't be able to attract enough students of varying levels to offer additional classes. She may have, in the time I've been AWOL, figured out how to accommodate all concerned. At the very least, I'd be doing better than I have lately if I used her class to supplement a home practice.

So I am excited to begin my yoga practice anew. I'll be more like myself in no time.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Man are we on the same wave length sometimes. I went last week to check out our Wellness Center, to inquire about a membership. They have added an addition to their complex and now have a pool......which you were talking about swimming not too long ago, and it got me more geared up to finally go check it out. I also found out they have yoga classes at the center, which I'm also excited about. I stopped my yoga practice after my surgery, and haven't really picked it back up even though I know it would help me tremendously......I hope the teacher dumbs down the class for me when I go for the first time!

Natasha said...

Lol, the puppet is comical. I have never experienced ppl farting in yoga room....this is a good thing.

I slacked off of going to the gym this past christmas, so sad, I had no excuse, I used to go everyday then christmas came and ruined it aLL!

francessa said...

For years I've wanted to practice yoga, but never managed! Maybe I will now?

Lydia, I've never known a person (though not in person ;-)) who was more - how do you say - like herself? - than you are! But still, the yoga might do something for your sleep deprivation? Or give you insight not to stay up that long :-)! Oh, sorry, I sound like the teacher I am! And this is holiday time! Shame on me!

Lydia said...

Your wellness center sounds terrific! Swimming sounds wonderful; I should check out our local pool as they made improvements last year. When I was looking for my favorite pictures at your blog I read about your surgery. You've been through so much. Might want to clue your yoga teacher in on the surgery so he/she can personalize your practice. Yes, I will need a dumbed down class when I return, too!

What was it about the end of last year that got so many of us off track with yoga? Weird. Even Yogamom who runs that website attests to having slacked off. So we're not alone by any means!

I love the teacher in you! She also knows how to give the nicest compliments! Why don't you try yoga with me, virtually that is. It would be fun!

francessa said...

Oh yes, Lydia, virtual yoga! Why not? If you're the teacher? :-)

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I have never tried yoga, not sure why exactly...can't imagine sitting still in one place maybe? Lately I've taken up jump roping and that works for me! I'd really like to try Tai Chi sometime, though. I know about straying from healthy habits and resolving to do better, and I wish you well!

Lydia said...

I have too much to learn to be the teacher! I guess with yoga you can never know it all, and that's why it's called "practice." So I'll practice with you.:)

I took tai chi classes in two different years. My sis does tai chi. It just wasn't for me. Jumping rope sounds like great aerobics. I want to get a hoola hoop!

francessa said...

Yes, I suppose I have to find a way towards practice ..*sigh*

mibsy, please forgive my ignorance, but what is jump roping?
I did Tai Chi some decades ago, but only for one year. Still, it did me good.

Raghav Singh said...

I have joined Yoga Teacher Training In India It is a good platform to me start the yogic journey where i'll learn the basic. get the benefits of yoga, it’s a way to achieve physical and mental fitness.

Lydia said...

Raghav ~ That is wonderful you will be a yoga teacher. I wish you and your students much peace and fitness!

Raghav Singh said...

thanks Lydia



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