Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solst-Ice


Jerk to Skeptic:
Global warming? What global warming? Most of the country is going to have a white Christmas this year.

Skeptic to Jerk:
Yeah, I was beginning to worry about climate change but now I wonder, what with this arctic blast and all...

EARTH to skeptics and jerks:

Don't you realize, don't you see
that I can still make winter when winter is to be.
It's not yet all done for, it's still not too late
for good fishing in the summer
where in winter people skate.

These drifts made from flakes blown
by wind gusts, don't you see
are my messengers you've known
since before memory and you need them
you need me to make them
for penguins, seals, and bears,
for your offspring and for theirs.

Don't you realize, don't you see
that I can still make winter when winter is to be.
It's not yet all done for, it's still not too late
to embrace the cold this Winter Solstice
for your gloved hands hold its fate.

(c) MLM (Lydia) 2008


Buddha said...

Oh my God. I love your poem!
You are so right on the point.
Both jerks and skeptics treat the planet like an object to use or abuse.
The planet is alive and it needs a lot of love because we have treat her and we are treating her like shit for too long.
Thank you for this wonderful post!

PS - Can you give me a link to the page instead of the search because I followed your link but I couldn't figure out which page you were referring to.
Thanks again!

Lydia said...

You made me so happy with your compliments on my poem! Thanks very much. I'm sure the planet thanks you even more....

I addressed your link question in a separate email. Hope you got to the search site I mentioned. :)

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Great poem. I must confess you were going to quote some well known author. You do have a great talent as a writer Lydia. I love the Earth's part.

dmarks said...

That is a great poem.

All I can say now is that Mr. Snow Miser has his brother beat down for a while.

Lydia said...

It's comments like yours after this post that remind me I must back up my blog. I'd hate to lose such a nice compliment, but I would never forget it. :)

Thank you so much! When I spoke with my husband on the phone during his lunch I told him about your "Mr. Snow Miser" phrase and he liked it! That would make a good character in a cartoon....

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Well written and thank you for posting it for us to read Lydia!

rachael said...

so true; i absolutely love this.
would you mind if i linked a few friends to this post?
agreed with everyone above me, you have so much poetic and literary talent.
i think you need to be a published writer! (:

Honour said...

Lydia, I really like how you've given Earth what she needs most. A voice. Thanks for sharing and creating this special work of art.

p.s. I found this video and I thought you would like it . Happy Holidays!

Lydia said...

I thank you for your comment and it's my have you here!

wow, sure...and thank you! I am thrilled that you like it enough to share with some friends. I've been snowed in at my house and maybe it's because of the isolation that any poem came at all!

I looked at the video before replying. Wonderful; one of my favorite songs! The first singer the producer used as the anchor was in my mother's girlhood home of Santa Monica, CA. She loved it so, and the vid made me feel very close to her. Thanks so much, and for your compliments on my poem too.



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