Sunday, May 30, 2010

While you're reading the Sunday paper . . .

You all deserve a break after my last two lengthy posts. Today I'm sharing a cigarette ad from a 1919 issue of LIFE Magazine that I found inside a book while Michael and I were getting the upstairs ready for Dex's visit (see previous lengthy post...). I know for a fact that my grandmother saved this page from the magazine, and I am sure that she saved it for the Norman Rockwell painting on the reverse side.

But it is the Omar Cigarettes advertisement that I thought you might find more interesting as you relax during the three-day weekend. I wish all you gentlemen settling back in your smoking jackets with the Sunday paper a good holiday. And ladies, with the satisfaction of knowing that those delicious corn cakes and fluffy muffins were thoroughly enjoyed by the family you can claim some time for yourself. Might I suggest getting the hell out of the house and away from that killer OMAROMAR?

Things that have wonderful aromas:

Fresh air
Freshly brewed coffee
Clean sheets
Inside my grandmother's cedar chest
Top of Willow's head
Exotic spices
Aqaba perfume 
Ocean spray
Abby's marvelous sheepdog fur
Hot springs
My favorite wool muffler
Rain showers on hot pavement
My soft leather knapsack
Campfires/wood smoke from chimneys
Ayurvedic body and massage oils by Bindi
Our backyard sauna
 Tibetan Mountain Temple soy candle by Pacifica
Handmade bath soaps
Olive oil
Amouage perfume
Thanksgiving dinner



Marion said...

I loved your list. One of my favourite scents is the smell of Rain touching parched earth. We live in the bush in a semi-arid section of the province; there is not much pavement, as per your list. But it is a scent I will carry with me forever...semi-arid Earth and Rain.

I believe it's muffins for me this morning!! Loved the ad...

bfk said...

Gee, Lydia, you sure can tell it's a "Girl's List." I suppose if you had had male input you'd get:

The smell of...

10) Omar Cigarettes
9) Weed
8) A brewery
7) One's baseball mitt
6) A flame broiled burger
5) Old Spice
4) Gin (a personal favorite)
3) Somebody else's mowed lawn
2) A restroom that's just been cleaned with chlorine.

...And our number manly smell:
1) Napalm in the morning

Amy said...

The image is grand and the list of aromas enticing! Have a wonderful holiday Lydia - I'll try to catch up and read those long posts soon. You always offer stimulating thoughts and ideas, so thank you!

Owen said...

What an amazing advert... from long before the days of awareness of lung cancer, the aroma of hospital wards... very funny response from BFK there.

And I was just watching one of my favorite movies again the other day, which has a limerick in it that mentions "aroma"... if you will pardon my male humor...

"There once was a man from Australia
Who painted his arse like a dahlia
The color was fine
Likewise the design
But oh, the aroma was a failure"

The film is Breaker Morant, about three Australian soldiers who were court martialed for murder during the Boer War in South Africa around 1901, based on a true story in a book titled Scapegoats For the Empire"...

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Excellent post. Have a great new week ahead my dear friend Lydia!

Lydia said...

Marion~ Semi-arid Earth and Rain sounds like a delicious-smelling incense...probably smells even better than rain on hot pavement! I hope you enjoyed your muffins and had a great day.

bfk~ Your list adds so much to the post and I'm not alone in thinking that (see Owen's comment). It is a great and funny list. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the source of your #1 the .58 second video can be viewed here.

Owen~ Like bfk you added the male touch to this post. I love limericks and this one is choice, especially in context here. I've not heard of that book...fascinating title.

Phivos~ Great to see you here. Sending good wishes to you for the week ahead also. :)

Lydia said...

Amy~ I will blame Feather for jumping into my lap while I was replying to messages as my excuse for skipping your name in the list. :)She is a distraction, very hot to hold, and I have to sit back from the keyboard to accommodate her...
I'm glad you liked the list.
Here's to a great finish on the weekend for you!

Darlene said...

Nothing smells as good as a cigarette when you are trying to quit or as horrible at all other times.

Lydia said...

Darlene~ Indeed. I am so grateful I was able to quit. Have you seen this video yet (probably so, as it has gone "viral" at youtube).

Kim said...

"the top of Willow's head" was my favorite one of all! I love Willow! And cats' heads do smell sweet.

Lydia said...

Kim~ Willow loves you back!
She was sleeping in spoon fashion with me this morning and I kissed her sweet-smelling head (my excuse for staying in bed after the alarm rang!).



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