Saturday, August 21, 2010

making amends with the first amendment

I initially cringed when I saw the online Breaking News that President Obama had made his statement concerning the building of a "mosque" in lower Manhattan. Cringed, because I knew it would be seen as validation of erroneous concepts of him by Americans who have been against him all along. I dreaded the next couple of days...conservative talk radio and conservative news having a field day with this one. Right-wing blogs and email messages sure won't let this go, no not ever, I thought....and it took only days before I received an email about our "Muslim" president. It appears that this may be the divisive and incendiary issue/event that will burn throughout upcoming and future elections here. Unless or until we come to our senses.

So I at first wished that Obama had just deferred comment to never. But I must say that I admire him deeply for it, and I didn't think it was necessary for him to days later add some caveat language of appeasement. I knew immediately upon hearing the news exactly why he would take such a stance. He is a legal scholar who understands the true meaning of the words behind the foundation of our democracy that a few too many Americans only purport to grasp. A better question would actually be: how could he not have come out in favor of the building of any church, synagogue, mosque, or temple on private land in the United States of America? Good God, it is a no-brainer……and, furthermore, as Keith Olbermann points out in his commentary below, it is not even a proposed mosque – it is a proposed community center.

(If you want to get to the nitty-gritty of the U.S. Constitution: First Amendment, the text and annotations-case law and codes FindLaw is a great source.)



Indigo said...

The hatred and fear that runs amok these days by the naysayers, threatens far more than a mosque. I don't fear the Muslims, or the president (never have for that matter) as much as I do the mob conscience that is more and more prominent these days. (Hugs)Indigo

English Rider said...

I heard a response to criticism that the President doesn't attend church regularly. It said that he is Christian and prays every day.
My gut reaction is: "So what if he does or doesn't pray?"
"So what if he were Muslim?" His morals and ethics are demonstrably far superior to those Catholic Kennedy's or Baptist Clintons. He walks the walk, can't people judge him on that? (I'm an Independent voter so this is not a knee-jerk Party-line).

secret, fragile skies said...

Bravo, Lydia. Crazy world.

Darlene said...

The whole thing is a right wing Republican rant to take attention away from their lack of leadership and knowledge. It is election time coming up and they don't want the spotlight to shine on their many failures over the past 9 years. So you can expect more red herrings from now on until November.

Lydia said...

Indigo~ "Mob conscience" is sure the right term for it, and it is what I am most fearful of also. Hang in there. xo

English Rider~ People who are concerned with Obama's church attendance are quite likely former Reagan supporters/current Reagan worshippers. How quickly they forget that he rarely went to church, but boy did he have them hoodwinked about his "values." Hang in there. xo

secret, fragile skies~ Thanks. if we were crazy we wouldn't think it was crazy, so is a curse or a blessing (probably it is a responsibility) to not be crazy in this crazy world?! Hang in there. xo

Darlene~ Even more red herrings, do you think so? I'd like for them to top this one...but I'd better not even give it consideration. Hang in there. xo

Rhiannon said...

Way to go Lydia! Good for you..and what you stated is so true...and Obama's statement was also true.

Keith says it pretty much like it is....even if some people don't want to hear it. I believe a lot of things he states come straight from the facts of reality and also his human heart..losing his Father recently, Keith has opened up to even more courage of late I have noticed. So he will therefore get a lot of "sass" back from the GOP..but I don't think he worries much about it.

I find many of the far right conservative total hypocrites when it comes to the First Amendment. Only when it comes to their views, and or their religion or wanting to carry their guns in their back pockets, as they walk downtown,(is this ludicrous or what??I mean, can you see people walking around Chicago with guns in their back pocket pants how terrifying!!) or abortion they go around talking about the First Amendment. A woman may die carrying a baby or is in danger to lose her life if she does, she choses to live and what do they want to do? Kill the Dr. that helped save her life? It is her body. This is always so confusing to makes no sense..and I was not able to have children though I tried for I am not coming from a radical viewpoint. I am "clear".

Go Lydia, go Keith, and go President Obama! Takes a lot of courage to stand up for whats right. After all do we want to look like discriminators also? Along with being hypocrites? Revenge and back stabbing will get us nowhere but becoming more hateful. Have we become what we hate? Are we any better?

I love that the GOP are now getting so much big money donations (for the upcoming elections) from the big corporations...thanks to the Supreme court!...since corporations are now considered "individual people" about hypocrisy!? much stranger can this country get?

I still have hope and know that all things happen for a reason. Maybe all this hypocrisy that is happening now will finally actually turn the lights on in people's minds and hearts. And some news media and journalist will actually start reporting on the facts. Democracy now on PBS does an excellent job of much so it amazes me to see their maturity upon different opinions.

Love and Blessings to all.

Angie Muresan said...

I agree with you, Lydia. When I first heard about it, I dreaded the criticism I knew would come. And it did come. But then I realized that the people who find fault with him, find fault regardless what he says or does. They are after all, puppets, and that is how they are programmed.

So very pleased to make your acquaintance at brunch, although sorry that we didn't have more time to chat. I do hope we'll get to see more of each other.

Hattie said...

This is a cooked up pseudocontroversy. As if we did not have enough real problems to worry about in this country!

susan said...

We saw this Keith Olberman special comment too, as did Spike Lee who said he was so in agreement he jumped up and down in his kitchen yelling 'Yes!' So much of this foofala has to do with the smoke and mirrors routine the msm perpetrates on the American public so nobody has time to remember the truly insidious corporate greed that fuels all the misery and destruction. Calling the originally proposed Cordoba House a mosque is not unlike calling a YMCA a cathedral.

I really did enjoy our meeting yesterday and hope our acquaintance continues long into the future. Your posts about your nephew and the Redwoods were both excellent.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Such an honest post, Lydia. Many times I too wish that the wisest or best response would not be made by public figures since these always seem to provide an opportunity for over-reactions from those intent on destroying democracy.

Lydia said...

Rhi~ Re, thoughts expressed in your long comment: yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,waytogotoyoutoo! Hang in there.

Angie~ Thank you for your sparkling presence at brunch on Sunday (and for taking care of so many of the details too). I hope we can meet again also, at the very least once in awhile via our blogs! Thanks for your comments here...obviously I couldn't agree more. Hang in there.

Hattie~ Cooked up, trumped up, puffed up, blown up, and I'm thinking of another "up" preceded with the f-word. Enjoy that cruise and hang in there!

Susan~ Thank you for your comments and for your very fine company at brunch on Sunday. I found myself wishing you were not moving away! But blogging will reinforce and enhance any bonds made at the fun meet-up.
Your observation about the YMCA is brilliant; love it! Hang in there.

naomi~ Thank you. For your comments and your immense sanity and strength! Hang in there.

NOTE: I have added "Hang in there" at the end of my comments to everyone because if we all do that it will help us all to do that!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you - this is a sad moment - and I only hope it doesn't get worse than that - just sad. We will hang in there - tyranny always loses in the long run. In the short run - you never know.

it almost seems inappropriate to mention this here - but I can't help myself. I love the photo of you on the writerquake header. stunning.

Kim said...

I find people's ignorance on this subject so frustrating. It just shows how bigotted people can be this day in age--which is sad.

kj said...

yay lydia! you said this just right!


p.s. ♥

Lydia said...

the half-life of linoleum~ Yes, it is that short run that makes everything seem as if it's hanging in the balance...or that everything is out of balance. Hang in there.
Your appreciation of the header photo made me smile; I'm glad you like it.

Kim~ You'd think we would have moved along further in our evolution by's a scary thought: maybe this is as "evolved" as we're going to get. Gads! Hang in there.

kj~ Thanks. I love those tiny hearts! Thanks for sending me one. :) Hang in there.



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