Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Postcard Wednesday--El Caballito statue, Mexico City, Mexico

The postmark on the back is difficult to decipher. Perhaps 1942. In any case, the statue called El Caballito is no longer located at the intersection of Paseo de la Reforma and Paseo de Bucareli as shown in this old postcard....

The statue is commonly known as El Caballito, meaning "little horse." It was originally placed in the Zocalo but when Mexico gained independence, the nation's first president, Guadalupe Victoria, had it removed. It resided in several different locations before being placed here, in the Plaza Tolsa, in 1979.

The impressive building behind the statue {in its current site, not in the postcard} was completed in 1911 and since 1982 has housed the National Art Museum (Museo Nacional de Arte), which has a large collection of Mexican art, primarily paintings showing Mexico's art development between 1810 and 1950.  ~ information from linked above

El Caballito was cast in 1803 as an Equestrian Monument to King Charles IV of Spain by Manuel Tolsa (1757-1816), a Spanish sculptor and architect who arrived in Mexico in 1791. For the history of its construction in 1803, its near destruction in 1821, one of its hooves, and its various moves click here.

The biggest "horse race" in the world of beauty pageants was held on Monday night and . . .

Jimena Navarette won the Miss Universe 2010 contest, making her the second Miss Mexico to win that title and taking the spotlight that, if used smartly and sensitively, could help to focus the world's attention on her country.....and its northern border.
 She was my pick to win out of the top 15 and I wish her a safe year.

Strangely, as I watched this Latina beauty on the Miss Universe live broadcast I was reminded of Ann-Margret, the Swedish-born singer, dancer, and entertainer. I wonder if anyone else sees a resemblance.




Owen said...

Maybe she won she looked like Ann-Margaret ? Enjoyed this glimpse back in time to days when people worried about the tap water...

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

ok - so i read the message on the postcard and i loved the little slice of someone's day from someone so long ago - and the old Cinzano sign made me smile.

In return for this image i offer you this:

This is Swindon's legendary "Magic Roundabout" where traffic approaches from different angles and has to navigate 5 small roundabouts that intersect with a central main one. I've never been on it, but you have to wonder what nut job designed it!

Looking to the Stars said...

Oh, I love this postcard and its history, great job!

Yes, she looks like Ann-Margaret, its amazing :)

Lydia said...

Owen~ ...or it may have been subliminal on the part of some of the older judges. Who knows?

I do know that the bit on the card about the tap water seemed old-fashioned. And how about skipping Acapulco in order to return home early...

Pixies~ When I read your comment earlier today I thought you probably were linking to some kind of a joke. Just went to the site and, well, I'm astounded that real-life people maneuver through that thing in real-life! Thanks for sharing the pic because I never would have imagined such a traffic control system. :)

Looking to the Stars~ Thanks much, and it is fun that you think so too. :)

Vix said...

I am finally getting to your lovely blog, and of course to be true to form I am leaving a comment on the type of post I love -- one that combines history + old graphic design + a side of shallow!

Thanks for interesting pairing of old/new.

ps Yes, I think she has a very AM vibe.

Lydia said...

Vix~ And I am finally getting to your fun comments! A side of shallow helps the medicine go down or something like that. And if it doesn't help it sure can't hurt!



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