Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Flash 55 -- Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek by Darryl Asher

Ollie, ollie oxen free! sounded distant beyond the meadow…..

She was a wisp of a girl, confused that her soft summer dress felt scratchy. She was a dreamer
longing to keep a lazy sun from setting too soon…..

Her cell rang. Wriggling in a wool career dress, Lauren briefed colleagues on the
Oliver Toxin-Free lawsuit.

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at Mr. KnowItAll, the G-Man.

More about the Hide-and-Seek game call-out "ollie, ollie oxen free" at Online Dictionary of Playground Slang



magiceye said...

so much said in so few words! lovely!

Brian Miller said...

hahaha fun word play...i would so be saying it wrong when talking to the clients...or day dreaming...

G-Man said...

The people still hiding that were not discovered were known as the 'Outs'. Then when someone was found hiding, the game was over and "All the, All the Outs in Free" was yelled!!!
See how educational Friday Flash 55 can be?
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Mona said...

Often one word would remind you of so much!

great write!

Linc said...

Reality checks suck so bad... Nicely done!

mythopolis said...

That was fabulous!!

izzy said...

Pretty amazing how our minds work! Good one thanks.

Monkey Man said...

Summer day dreams. Excellent.

brenda w said...

I'm loving your word play, Lydia. You brought a breath of childhood back.

Alice Audrey said...

What a great capture of a flashback moment.

TALON said...

I loved this. The contrast between what she dreams and what she has to do...

Rob-bear said...

Wonderful wordy wisdom from a Friday flasher.
Wait. Can someone say that on a "family-rated" blog?


..a very nice 55.. to gather words in 55 is no easy so credits to you for making it well-composed and not disturbing… i am pleased.. thank you!(: and btw, you’ve said at my page that you’ve son from Davao.. wow, is that for real or only here in blogland? ye know i have this so called mom here blogland ,though coming from the Philippines too, we haven’t met yet.. well, currently we are experiencing heavy rains here and a lot more are expected to come.. ye know i love rain but this much is too disturbing and haunting.. i’m just wishing that the storms that are about to come may not be as harsh and fatal as the one that struck here almost a year now called super typhoon ‘Ondoy’.. thanks for your visit at my lair.. your presence is always appreciated.. hope all is well in your world too.. God Bless!(:

Take care!


Nara Malone said...

May she find a way back into those carefree summers.

hedgewitch said...

Very nice collage of past and present, and how those subconscious currents run beneath the every day. Have a great Star Party and thanks for the 55.

Mama Zen said...

What a great 55!

hope said...

This is my favorite of the week!

Anonymous said...

Brings back memories of evenings spent playing "kick the can" (hide and seek with a twist)... fifty-five words well spent.

Morning said...

I'm loving it.
apt 55.

Heaven said...

A nice one.. thanks for sharing this ~

susan said...

How do such things come to be?

Beth Niquette said...

My goodness-what a vivid and wonderful word picture. You inspire me!

You wrote you saw a man in the reflection in my last blog entry--you're right! I saw him a couple of days after I'd put up the blog. He's very clearly standing the way you said.

Strange, isn't it?

Lydia said...

magiceye~ Thanks; I appreciate your comment.

Brian~ As would I, as would I.

G-Man~ Yes, how educational this all is. Thanks for another good week.

Mona~ Thank you so much.

Linc~ You said it exactly right about reality checks!

mythopolis~ Your comment sure was!

izzy~ Yup, aren't minds amazing? Thanks for bringing yours over here.

brenda w~ Thank you. I wish one of us could bring childhood itself back for just a day!

Alice Audrey~ Thanks much. This probably wouldn't be the greatest thing for job insurance, but.....

TALON~ I'm happy you liked it. Thanks.

Rob-bear~ Why, they must be able to if they can run around bear! :)

WINDOWLAD~ I will be thinking of you in the next hours, hoping your storm settles down. It is so interesting that you have a blogland mom! That is what I was to Dex in Davao the first year, but then he visited us here. We are close. If you go to my top page tab about My Own Favorite Posts you will see two posts there about Dex and me. Thank you and take care of yourself in the storms.

Nara Malone~ You gotta wonder if she ever will. :(

hedgewitch~ I appreciate your comments, and you wishes for us to have a good star party. So far it looks like clear skies are expected!

Mama Zen~ What a great comment. :)

hope~ Your comment made my day! Thank you so much. ;)

Titanium~ Thank you. Our neighborhood never played Kick the Can, although I know about the game from others.

Morning~ Thanks; happy to have you here.

Heaven~ My pleasure. Glad you liked it.

susan~ I wonder myself.

Beth~ Many thanks for your comment.
That man in the creek was quite strong and stunning. Your art is blessed by many visitors, Beth (but you know that!).

Monkey Man~ Yea, summer dreaming. Thanks.

francessa said...

Nice playing with words and letters, Lydia! And educational, too.

Lydia said...

francessa~ Oh, thank you. That is a compliment because I always learn so much from you and your posts!



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