Thursday, October 13, 2011

my continuing love affair with the moon

The Hunter's Moon of October 11 was so beautiful this week, and I was grateful for some clearing at night to be able to enjoy it. By Wednesday night, however, the clouds were obstinate so this is the best image I could get.

Not a great shot, but when I look at it I will remember seeing this October moon and a sky full of stars on Tuesday night when Bonbon and I went outside at midnight for her last trip in the grass before bed. I stood looking up at it all and she stood silently beside me and I thought: There will never again be this same sky..... a time will come in the next years when Bonbon will be a memory (I petted her then with that thought) life seems to be on autopilot right now and I don't like this feeling of being out of control, but in the scheme of things I have as little real control over the ultimate outcome of my life as I do on the universe.

Quite likely, the feeling of powerlessness over the events in our lifetimes was, in part, what led people to the mystical arts to begin with. I saw this painting online and looked for a poem that might suit it, and I found one via the Yahoo community board (hence the poet's moniker).

So, here's to the powerful and serene Hunter's Moon of 2011, a real dream-maker.

2009 Hunter Moon 
Olga Perry

Hunters moon is here by Madame Houdini

Lunacy in rouge
Dry foliage of crimson and orange
Rustled beneath the hunters limbs
Provisions shall be needed for winter.

Somewhere a bonefire roars
Pagans and Druids held hands
And casted hexes and prayers.

From the window sill
I admired the crimson glory
Hunter's Moon is here.



Catfish Tales said...

So soulfully lovely. I don't know what present sadness you seem to be sharing with Bonbon and the shimmering moon, keeper of the utmost secrets of our hearts. But my own heart goes out to you, wishing you all the best.

izzy said...

Oh yes I enjoyed eating out, around a fire- 2 days before the really full moon-It was clear, starlit and warm! Thanks for sharing.

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Here's a better shot for you: MOON

I've also got some nice full moon shots (fully downloadable) in my DeviantArt gallery: DeviantArt Gallery

(And if anyone would like a bigger version of any of my photos, just say so!)

Looking to the Stars said...

Your pic of the moon is wonderful, it looks like a glowing pearl. I looove the pic of Hunter Moon. Wow, what a great find and the poem was the perfect touch :)

I also hate the feeling that I have no control but realized I never had it (sigh). You're right, that is why people turn to the mystic & magical.

Loved the post, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I've always felt that the moon brings a little magic into life. And it's always helped me in those times I've felt life was moving too quickly!

Lovely poem, as well :) Thank you, as always!

Hattie said...

We were sharing a mood without knowing it. I sat on my deck that night with my cat and watched the moon over Hilo Bay. There was a moon river, a double moonbow, and fantastic clouds below the moon, taking whimsical shapes of animals. Such moments do make one think about fleeting time and eternity.

Lydia said...

Catfish Tales~ Thank you for your poetically-lovely comment that came from your poetically-lovely soul. Much appreciated.

izzy~ That sounds like so much fun. I wonder if you were camping or just decided to dine al fresco!

Bubba~ I will certainly look at your moonshots! Thanks for leaving the hot links.

Looking to the Stars~ It does look pearlescent! I agree with you about the painting. If you click to enlarge you will notice a link to the artist's website. I was more than impressed with her gallery; she has major talent.

Amber Lee~ Oh, what exquisitely worded thoughts about our friend, the moon! Thank you.

Hattie~ I was envisioning the scene you described because you made it real for me/us. I bet even your cat sensed that it was a remarkable evening of moonshine and wonder. Thank you so much for this.

Rob-bear said...

Soulful is the word (Catfish was right!).
And your femme en rouge; a mysterious individual. Worthy of a fine poem.
It's all "just so," Lydia. Thanks.

Lydia said...

Rob-bear~ Thank you for thinking also that it is soulful.
As we lumber into the weekend I hope yours is wonderful. :)



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