Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old Postcard Wednesday--Adoration (at Willow Manor Ball)

I don't have time to write much this Wednesday because I am getting ready to leave for the
It is the exquisite annual cyber event created and hosted by the marvelous poet and blogger, Tess Kincaid. You won't want to miss her post describing her escort for the evening and showing the decorating, flowers, her gorgeous gown, the musical performer, and sparkling famous guests. At the end of the post is a
"Mr. Linky" where you can see the names of all the bloggers attending, with links to their blogs where you can read about their dates, gowns, etc. I'll be signing in there as soon as I publish this post.

I was lucky to have such a beautifully-expressive yet powerfully-understated and minimalist vintage postcard at the ready for such an occasion, as I am being escorted tonight by none other than ....................... 
Mr. Charlie Chaplin!
It is fitting that the scene in this old postcard is described with only one word: Adoration, because I adore Charlie Chaplin and can think of nothing more magical than attending Willow Manor Ball with this creative genius. And, as this is a cyber event living in the realm of imagination, my husband will hopefully understand.

Aside from proms in high school and a few work-related formal evenings later on, I have not dressed in very formal attire much in my life. I am not saying that is good or bad, or even what I would have preferred or not preferred, it is simply that my lifestyle has not called for it. What I am getting at is: I did not have anything in my closet to wear to such an event, so I had to shop. I decided to go the vintage route and hoped I'd find something I would love and not have to settle for something that would be merely fancy and appropriate. I knew as soon as I saw this gown (shown here on the vendor's model) that it was perfect for me. I hope you agree and I hope Mr. Chaplin approves.

Vintage Brown Sweetheart Beaded Embroidery Chiffon Evening Dress

For a look at how light Charlie Chaplin is on his feet, even in an industrial setting for heaven's sake, click to see his Modern Times Mad Dance. It is at his official website, where you can read about/view/listen to just about everything to do with him and his life.

Now, there are many ways to practice dance steps prior to the Ball. This video shows Chaplin charming a group of ladies at a table with his unique way of doing so. Just look at his amazing eyes: awesome they are!

Gold Rush Rolls from charliechaplin on Vimeo.

As I know many of the women at Willow Manor Ball will be interested in a spin around the room with Charlie Chaplin, I will arrive already knowing my dances with him will be limited. But. I absolutely reserve this dance with the glorious theme song he wrote for his later-life movie, Limelight. Do click the link to listen to a clip of the song (sorry, I was unable to embed it for you).

I am out of time, but wanted to be sure to leave the lyrics to another of his songs.....Weeping Willows. I hope no one at Willow Manor Ball will drink so many of Tess Kincaid's special "Last Word Cocktails" that they would step through plate windows, however!

The lyrics also come from the official Charlie Chaplin website (which noted the copyright that I fully honor as my intention is to share here only and not to bring copies with me to the Ball).

Music and Lyrics by Charles Chaplin for A King in New York 1957

Chaplin’s own recording of this song exists in the Chaplin archives, but the tape has unfortunately deteriorated and the sound needs considerable restoration.

Weeping Willows

I’ve got the weeping willows
And I’m stepping through plate windows
On account of you

Oh my lord, what shall I do, what shall I do ?
I love you so
And yet I know you can’t be true

If I only had a will to get away
But you have me in your spell both night and day

You have me in your power every moment every hour
Leave me now or let me go
Why oh why torment me so ?

I despise you, idolise you, I adore you, I implore you
Let me be free
From this tyranny of love

I’m stepping through plate windows over you

©Copyright 1954 by Bourne Co. Copyright Renewed All Rights Reserved International Copyright Secured



Muhammad Israr said...

best of luck for the ball and hope you would have a nice time there :) the pictures is gorgeous and i liked the dress :) and charlie can one say about him? simply marvelous... :)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

There's a great line in Blackadder Goes Forth (UK sitcom based in first world war) where George describes Chaplin as a genius and the ever disapproving Blackadder replies "He certainly is: he's worked out a way of earning £1million a film for wearing a pair of silly trousers"

But i agree with you - he was way ahead of his time and i don't think you'll find anyone to match him for creative genius

Liking the dress btw

Jacqueline said...

You looked fabulous in that dress Lydia, and how you kept up with Charlie's footwork is beyond me!

Brian Miller said...

nice.... very nice dress...hope you have a blast at the bit on charlie there...crazy bit of dancing...

Deborah said...

Oh that's just wonderful! :o)

Catfish Tales said...

Lovely, and Charlie will no doubt enjoy the entertaining shadow puppets of Wm Powell and Mz Loy. Ta

izzy said...

Thank you for sharing all the upcoming glitz ! (Now I understand better-)I shall have to write some
small letter of regret. Speculate
what I might have worn (long ago)
Who I might have sought favor with-
what dance I may have spun...Enjoy!

Yoli said...

My dear you looked lovely!

Mama Zen said...

I love the dress!

Helen said...

You looked lovely ... vintage being the perfect choice for Mr. Chaplin!!

Looking to the Stars said...

It sounds delightful! Your gown is stunning & your choice of Chaplin is excellent :)

Doctor FTSE said...

Lovely, lovely! Have a ball at the Ball . .

Rob-bear said...

Oh, such a dramatic dress, indeed.
This year, I put on a red bow tie to compliment by Bearskin outfit.
But by time I got to the Ball, everyone was gone.
I had so wanted to dance with your. If, of course you were wearing your safety boots. (You wouldn't want to have a Bear step on your toes.)

Lydia said...

Nuhammad Israr~ Thank you. It was a wonderful time. Tess really knows how to put on a party.

Pixies~ The UK has some of the strangest- and most interesting-sounding sitcoms anywhere. I am convinced of that!

Jacqueline~ Oh, it was easy to keep up cyberdancing!

Brian~ Thanks. I think I heard Charlie saying to someone that he is a fan of your writing.

Deborah~ You are!

Catfish Tales~ Why, I bet you are right. He must have!

izzy~ Believe me, I know what it is like to wonder what all the buzz is about the Willow Manor Ball. Last year I was just figuring it out when my selected escort, Tony Curtis, died. His death was too recent and I canceled. :)

Yoli~ Thank you so much.

Mama Zen~ I do too, and would actually buy it if I thought I had anywhere to wear it!

Helen~ Thank you for validating my idea about going vintage for him.

Looking to the Stars~ Oh, thank you and fun to see you (wish I had seen you at the Ball).

Doctor FTSE~ And I did...a lovely few hours of fantasy, you know?

Rob-bear~ I love the dress and would not have worried about you stepping on its hem, even if I was dancing bearfoot!



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