Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old Postcard Wednesday--Feb. 29, 1944 (Leap Day) • Shasta County, Calif.

Happy Leap Day, Everyone!
 photo by Scott Rouse

photo by Masashi Mochida, The Telegraph

photo Bing Images

from gwenrottle blog

photo by Kyle Tunney



Don't Feed The Pixies said...

hey lydia - hope that you are coping well x thinking of you and yours x

Rossini's birthday falls on leap year according to google, so he's only 59 instead of 200+

Today also marks the day that my friend who has been keeping me sane at work left - which means that although we hope to keep in touch there is no hope for my sanity now

Anonymous said...

cute post :) hope all is well! much love!

Rob-bear said...

It looks like a lot of "up in the air" characters are celebrating today. Hope you've had a good one, too.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Lydia said...

Pixies~ Thanks, and I am coping alright. Losing Abby has been hard but each day is better.
Aha, Rossini was a "leapling"! I found that term when working on the post.
So so sorry about your work friend leaving. Believe me, I know how a good person can keep you sane at work, so you will really miss him. I do think you will not lose your sanity, however. :)

Amber Lee~ February was an intense month here, and I'm kinda happy to welcome March. It was so good having a greeting from you and I'll see ya soon. Love to you, too.

Rob-bear~ It was a pretty good Leap Day, in part I think because these photos cheered me. Thanks for your happy wishes--much appreciated.

Brian Miller said...

ha i love your leap pictures...

and now MARCH! may you have a bit more SPRING in your

Lydia said...

Brian~ Okay! I would rather have spring in my step than March in step.... :)



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