Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mag 106 -- ditto

photo credit: Bob Adelman (Warhol at NYC Grocery Store) 1965

He was an original they say
Who certainly did things his way
Did he have a great itch
To be famous and rich?
Was his art unique or cliche?

Perhaps one day near the grotto
He overheard talk voce sotto
One thought him discerning
Found his painting secerning
The others cried, Ditto ditto!

He thought: they love me they said so
I will work for the masses ergo
One thing at a time
And all in a line
Beginning with this Campbell's Tomato.

                                                              MLydiaM ~ March 2012  

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Brian Miller said...

and in that decision the revolution began...smiles.

izzy said...

You had fun and rhymes!

Dianne said...

well done!
so wonderful to read aloud, it rolls and flows

thanks for the visit

Rob-bear said...

Limericks. Limericks. I see limericks before my eyes.

We, there once was a man from . . . Best I not get started. I'm obviously outclassed on this blog!

Great writing.

And did anyone ever tell you how BAD this new word verification system is?

Lydia said...

Brian~ Nothing like a cuppa revolution!

izzy~ Why, yes I did. :)

Dianne~ Thank you for the visit and kind comment. I love that you read it out loud!

Rob-bear~ I agree with you 100% about the new word verification system. I had not visited many blogs in the last two weeks, but last night caught up on some...and the ones with word verification were real eye-benders. I will go to the Google forum groups and see if there is a discussion about this topic (I bet there will be) and if not I will lodge a complaint. grrrrr.

ds said...

"secerning"--ooooh! Great write, Lydia. Clever, fun, and thoughtful. Thank you.



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