Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Flash 55 -- Walt and Anna

CNN photo

So it has come to this...thought Anna, as Walt amused himself on his smart phone. She reflected beside the reflecting pool on how the years had separated them. 

Walt smiled delightedly as he confirmed their Netherlands vacation with Expedia. Soon, he would surprise Anna with her dream trip to the land of her ancestors.

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Dianne said...

oh I hope she finds out about the trip before she gives up on him

I smiled at this


Heaven said...

I like this....yes, give her the big surprise ~

Happy Friday ~

Brian Miller said... that will be some surprise and she will see how much he loves her too...smiles.

he did survive last night...actually wrote my spoken word piece on the experience...long night though...

izzy said...

That is an AWWWWW-
good one and so very true!
thanks :)

G-Man said...

It's OK as long as she didn't come from Mars!
Loved your 55 Lydia
Always a very interesting 'Story'
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Myrna R. said...

How sweet. Lucky Anna. She'll have a great surprise.

Alice Audrey said...

Going on vacation? I'm probably reading it wrong, because I'm seeing vacation everywhere right now.

Anonymous said...

oh, cute! it reminds me of my grandparents (who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this summer!)

Indigo said...

This was so tender and poignant. Strong connections are like that. (Hugs)Indigo

Lydia said...

Dianne~ I really appreciated that you smiled at this!

Brian~ Am heading over to read your Poetics in a little bit. I'm sure the experience served as a powerful muse.

izzy~ Thanks. A lesson in not jumping to conclusions!

G-Man~ Nope, she looks every bit the earthling to me.
It was good to be back this week!

Myrna~ Yup, what a surprise...although I personally would rather be in on the planning of such a vacation!

Alice Audrey~ Oh. I. Wish. No vacation happening here, but dreaming is a bit of a getaway. (Lately I have been thankful that I wasn't on a cruise, however!!!)

Amber Lee~ That is just wonderful about your grandparents! They are great role models for you and your husband. ;)

Indigo~ Thanks and I'm glad you liked this one. I appreciate your visits. :)

Anonymous said...

This spoke volumes to me - very cleverly written

Lydia said...

jane~ Thanks for your marvelous comment. :)



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