Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poetics: A French Twist for Quatorz Juillet • Bonbon


Bonjour! we whispered at airport Customs to
our tiny puppy flown from Montréal. She tucked her moist
nose into paper in the purple crate, missing her mother. The
bonding between us would happen late that night, when
outside, under a starry sky she squatted in the grass,
never taking her chocolate eyes off me as my heart melted. 

Written for PoeticsA French Twist For Quatorz Juillet — at dVerse Poets

In her stirring prompt, Karin Gustafson wrote: "Celebrate Quatorze Juillet/Bastille Day/Things French with us by writing whatever French twisted (or sort of French, sort of twisted) poem you desire, whether your fancy takes to you poodles, Paris, or red wine on the couch."  I wondered if I could pay tribute to my beautiful 11-year-old Standard Poodle, Bonbon, utilizing the Acrostic poetic form that I used in my post prior to this one. Thus evolved Bonbon's name poem.



Brian Miller said...

awww....this made me smile...well built....there is little like the love of an animal...they love without pretense...and no matter...

Fireblossom said...

I vividly recall the first day with all of my dogs. It's such a joyful thing, to let the connection take hold. I will always share my life with animals. I can't imagine any other way.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! I love that she captured your heart while peeing! Dogs' eyes - ahhh. k.

Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute to Bonbon

David Francis Barker said...

How very touching - who couldn't fall for chocolate eyes, I wonder?!

Daydreamertoo said...

If we love them, our pets do become our family, don't they.
I love that she melted your heart in an instant, true love indeed.
A French poodle, so apt for the prompt :)

Heaven said...

Well, she is lovely and adorable ~

Rob-bear said...

Such a sweetheart she is. Reminds me of our Poodles.

Charity said...

What a treasure you have found in each other. This is a fitting tribute!

Charles Miller said...

She's adorable! Lovely color and a great spark in her eye. In the relationship with our pets, that first moment of bonding is indeed special, that spark of friendship to last a lifetime. I'm glad your poem captures her name and spirit in music.

Claudia said...

awww how sweet is wonder your heart was melting with these lovely chocolate eyes..smiles

Victoria said...

I love it! What a great idea to use Bonbon as an acrostic and it's so well executed that I had to go back to see that it really was that after I read you note. Give her (him?) a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

awe, it's so sweet! isn't it amazing what animals do to our hearts?

Mary said...

This truly warms my heart. What a beauty. (I'm a dog lover myself!)

kj said...

this is great, lydia. bon bon is a beauty. and what a way to fall in love--hahaha. under the stars no less.

very nice story and writing. and anything that mentions dogs gives you 20 extra points to start with :^)


ds said...

Oh, you clever! Love those chocolate eyes...beautifully evoked, Lydia. Thank you.

Lydia said...

Brian~ How nice to read that you thought the poem well built. I'm honored.

Fireblossom~ I can't imagine any other way of living either. And I hope I remember those first days with each on my own final day!

manicdaily~ While peeing, indeed! Thanks for the great prompt.

Jane~ Thanks, much appreciated.

David Francis Barker~ Who indeed? :)

Daydreamertoo~ Would I trade Bonbon for a trip to Paris? Absolutely not. But I long for the trip and will write a poem about it if I ever get there!

Heaven~ Yes, she is. And shy and modest too, amazingly.

Rob-bear~ Yes, a sweetheart 100% of the time. Poodles are great dogs.

Charity~ Thank you so much!

Charles~ I do love her color, and how the gray is coming out more now that she is 11. But she sure hasn't lost that spark in her eyes and she looks great. Love that you said she was captured "in music."

Claudia~ I know! And she had the most serious puppy expressions I've ever seen. I guess she is still a pretty serious girl...

Victoria~ I hugged her for you. Thank you for appreciating her acrostic tribute. :)

Amber Lee~ They melt and break and heal our hearts, and never leave them when they are gone.

Mary~ Why, I never would have guessed that you are a dog-lover! So glad you liked this.

kj~ Many thanks. I realize you are having doggie goings-on and I must come by for an update on all the magic!

ds~ Thank you for being here. I've been scattered all over the place and not visiting blogs as I so desire. Will "see" you soon, though.

Dave King said...

Delightful. I'll own up: I'm not usually a doggie person, but I can make an exception here. Was taken by the pic as well!

Lydia said...

Dave~ Well, Dave, I figure that if the post won over someone who is not usually a doggie person then my work here is done!



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