Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Flash 55 — Julia Bulette

Friday Afternoon is burning. by sandra89
Friday Afternoon is burning. by

Prostitution is legal in
Nevada where I grew up.
In visits to Virginia City
as a kid I learned about
the woman Julia Bulette,
a famous whore whose life
and death are now lore.

I read the tributes,
studied her face,
came to know her
not as one of them —
but as one of us.

 Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words - for the G-Man.

To learn about Julia C. Bulette, visit this page.



G-Man said...

Oh Lydia....
Your last line ROCKED!!!!!!
Loved this awesome little bit of 55 perfection.
You make it look all too easy.
Thanks for playing, and please have a Kick Ass Holiday Week-End
Merry Christmas My Friend...G

kj said...

i LOVE this! you have nailed inclusion and the absence of judgement just like that. the last two lines gave me warm chills.

happy holidays, lydia. glad glad to know you.


izzy said...

Glad you wrote and joined in !
Merry Christmas-

Brian Miller said...

wow what a closing line...and love the non judgement in it....hope you have a wonderful christmas!

Deena Stryker said...

Dear Lydia,

Every year your site becomes more and more what we'd all like to see everywhere.

I wish you a very happy year's end and new year.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I'm always amazed by your Friday Flash's - i've only ever tried them once or twice, so love the fact that you always manage to get such strong images in so few words

Anonymous said...

So so interesting - thanks. Also, I really love your header picture. It's just terrific - so cool and intriguing both. k.

Rob-bear said...

Oh, yes indeed;
"not one of them
but one of us."
How pertinent,
not forgiving
but enfolding.

Just remember;
when Santa says
"Ho, ho, ho"
he's talking about
three ladies
like Julia C.

Merry Christmas!
Joyous 2013.

Lydia said...

G-Man~ Many thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and support this year!

kj~ "warm chills" --- now that is really a compliment, and I thank you.xo

izzy~ I am too. Merry Christmas to you.

Brian~ Thanks so much. I know you will have a glowing Christmas with your family. :)

Deena~ One of my regrets this year is not having spent more time at your remarkable blog. My thanks to you come in the form of a new years resolution as well...

Pixies~ I hope you do more 55s in the future. For me, the shorter format flows the easiest (maybe I don't have much to say!!!!!?).

manicddaily~ Thank you on both counts. Would follow your blog if it just were not on Wordpress!

Rob-bear~ Thank you for this:
not forgiving
but enfolding

You expressed perfectly what was in my heart. Merry Christmas to you. (I love that Joyous 2013 wish and send the same to you.)

susan said...

You always manage to express the truth with great clarity and wisdom. I'm always so very impressed with your skill as a poet no matter the challenge.

I hope your New Year is a bright and beautiful one.

Margaret said...

Very well written with a fantastic twist in the end. Teaches us all, doesn't it?

Lydia said...

susan~ You are always so kind, and much appreciated. Thanks for the New Year wishes and I certainly wish the same for you.

Margaret~ Thanks much. Yes, there is something to learn from every lifetime....



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