Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Flash 55 — 2012, Lydia Style

Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words - for the G-Man
(this week having some fun using Wordle). 



izzy said...

Good and joyful! Thanks.
Mine is somber and dark, not because I believe it; but because it arrived!

Brian Miller said...

ha i like the word jumble approach to the year that has passed...says as much about it as anything...

brandi said...

You should send this to Staples and have them make a large poster sized print, then frame it and put it on your wall! It is art in a few ways!

rosaria williams said...

How did you manage to create this beautifully rich post card?
Happy New Year!

G-Man said...

Did you get started on the New Years Eve festivites a bit early?
Whats worse...?
It kinda makes sense to me!!
loved your Jumbled 55
Thanks for playing, thanks for a year of fantastic contributions.
You are a talented and loyal supporter...You Rock Baby!!
Have a Kick Ass New Year.....G

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful~what a concise review of the year!

Fireblossom said...

This is nothing but cool.

Heaven said...

I like the idea ~ Good one Lydia ~

Happy New Year ~

Margaret said...

55 favorite words. I might try this. Thanks for the link.

Bodhirose said...

Really like your wordle...I'm sure it has lots of memories of the past year for you. It's beautiful too.

Lydia said...

izzy~ You have me so curious about yours....will be by to see what darkness arrived!

Brian~ I agree. This year also seemed longer than some in the recent least to me.

brandi~ What a lovely compliment! Thank you.

rosaria~ I messaged you. But forgot to add Happy New Year!

G-Man~ I kinda makes sense to me too. You should have seem some of the jumbles with those same words. I kept hitting "Randomize" until I got something that I liked.
Happy New Year to our fearless leader.

razzamadazzle~ A year in 55 words...not the usual, but was fun. :)

Fireblossom~ Thanks much. You would have fun with this program, I am sure. :)

Heaven~ Glad you enjoyed it. Happy New Year to you too.

Margaret~ You'll like the site. The maximum is 150 words, I think. The public gallery is quite interesting.

Bodhirose~ Many thanks for your kind comment. Happy New Year.



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