Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Flash 55 — Road to Solitude

He couldn't explain it to them, so he slipped away into the night leaving behind all he did not want, taking the solitude he needed. He wore solitude under his slicker, inside his mind, overwhelming his senses. It gently pierced his polished, silvered aura in a marine wash of quiet rain. Solitude muted sound, matted glare, was all that mattered to him. He breathed it as his feet pedaled the only bike on the empty streets — until cobblestones changed to gravel, then to sod, to mud, to meadow — and night changed to dawn, into new days soothed by gloaming, followed by darkness. He sent smiles to its essence, many smiles he sent welcoming solitude in. He chanted Oms and gave simple alms in thanks for solitude which, years later, he would realize was no longer something sought after but something seeking him.

~ ~ ~
Solitude, like rain,
muted sound, matted glare,
mattered to him.
He wore solitude
under his slicker,
inside his mind,
overwhelming him
as he pedaled.

Cobblestones became gravel,
then sod, mud, meadow —
Night became dawn,
then new days,
gloaming, darkness.

Years later,
he realized that
was no longer
something sought after
but something seeking him.

Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words - for the G-Man. 
Well, this week that is not altogether true, since I had an unusual struggle to pare down my original to 55 words. It evolved into such an effort that I decided to include the original along with my 55, not sure why.

I will be away on a short trip beginning Sunday. Will miss next Friday 55, and will endeavor to catch up reading and commenting that weekend. Take care everyone, and I am thinking especially of those affected by the horrible forest fires throughout the western U.S.

Note: Image via Facebook, where, unfortunately, it was not credited. I will gladly note the photographer if anyone knows who that wonderfully talented person is. 


Brian Miller said...

he wore solitude under his slicker, inside his mind....well now...i like both....the original def gives the full pic and i would struggle to pair that down myself....i hope you have a great trip lydia!

Arian Tejano said...

I love this and the idea of solitude in search of a person.

Margie said...

Thanks for the visit and kind words,
Nice to meet you, Lydia.

This is some wonderful writing.
I really enjoyed both versions!

Have a good trip, safe travels!

G-Man said...

Another masterpiece you've added!
This was like a scene from some great Noire flick.
Loved your lonely 55
Thanks for playing, I'll miss you next week, have a Kick Ass Week-End

Lloyd said...


kj said...

I LOVE this! lOVE it!

Seeing both versions is such a treat.

And that bicycle ride


susan said...

Although solitude is a terrifying concept for most of us, your description of it as an essential element for someone who is searching for meaning is magnificent.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Judy Clem said...

Lydia, i am intrigued by this exercise. Are you starting with the image and then doing 55 words or with a piece of writing that you pare down?

How exactly does it work?

These are wonderful.

Lydia said...

Thank you, Everyone, for your comments. (I am reading while away a week. Appreciate your visit and will catch up over the weekend.

Judy Clem - Wanted to reply to your query. Friday Flash 55 is hosted each week by

G-Man (Mr. Knowitall) whose blog you can find linked at the end of my post. He doesn't supply us with an image, so we get to use our own selections. The prompt is to write something in 55 words, post it, then go to G-Man's blog and leave a comment. This week was the first I could not easily whittle down my original, but once accomplished, I decided to post both. It was an iinteresting exercise that I may do again in the future. Thanks much!

Margaret said...

This is a wonderful pairing down and I don't think it loses much at all... even though I did like the paragraph, I ended up liking the second better. Just fantastic


Lydia, I do believe that solitude seeks us -- not that we so much seek it. Sometimes it appears innate within rather than sought after. Thoughtful post.-- barbara

Lydia said...

Margaret~ I so appreciated your feedback. Many thanks.

Barbara~ Your comment meant a lot to me, helped me to go within tonight when I needed it (or when the need to do so was calling). Thank you.



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