Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Flash 55 — the goldfish

A woman stands next to tank filled with goldfish in an office at the Korean Central News Agency building in Pyongyang on Jan. 16, 2012. 

Su-Min remembered a line from a story rolled inside a toy gun - smuggled by someone in a hated land......

An industrialist's daughter had freedom to choose, deferred the roles of mother and wife - became artist, traveler, lover of life.  She cried joyfully while walking on the sand, "These are golden days without strife!" 

My post in exactly 55 words written for Friday Flash 55
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Image and caption via NBC news slideshow Glimpses into Hermit Kingdom of North Korea.


G-Man said...

What a lovely comment you left on my blog today. When artists such as yourself support and encourage other writers, the confidence that is received is priceless.
I loved your Right Decision 55
Thanks for playing, thanks for being such a class act, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Brian Miller said...

to find that freedom....even if just in a story, it brings much hope...and we can hope for those that live under such oppression that they too find that freedom...

The Real Cie said...

I like your character. I think that many women do the wife and mother thing because they think they have to. I know for a fact that my mother resented my birth because she felt that any opportunities she might have had flew the coop with my coming into the world.
I find that the best thing that ever happened to me was my son. I was hardly June Cleaver. I was struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness. But my son is an amazing person, and my life would have been far worse without him.
The wife thing? Eh, not so much. I used to think I was nothing without a partner. Now I know that no-one is going to magically make my life better, and with my bad choices in men, having a partner tended to make my life worse.
Hey, you know you've written a good post when you inspire commenters to write a novel of their own! ;-)

Lydia said...

G-Man~ Thank you for your support these years, and once again.....Happy Anniversary to your blog!

Brian~ When I saw that picture I yearned to help that woman know freedom. I did what I could by writing 55 words for her...

The Real Cie~ Wow, many thanks for your visit to my blog and for your fascinating comments that certainly more-than-enhanced my humble 55. I so appreciate your sharing.

susan said...

Sometimes I'm amazed by just how lucky I've been in my life by having been able to make my own choices - whether for good or ill.

Pitsit sekaisin said...

Hi Lydia! It took me some time to read all your posts from April till September but they were all worth it. Your poems are indeed diary of your thoughts and fantasies. You have captured the mood and feeling, private moments with yourself sometimes in very crowded places. You take readers to a journey into their own emotions, to take a look at the very inside of their souls, to find their way in and out, leave something behind and to purify themselves in some level. I don't know, but these are the feelings your poetry made me feel, somewhat mixed up and still, somehow I found myself in some of them. Take care and lots of hugs...:)

Margaret said...

words can be such inspiration - and these, rolled inside a toy - a tiny, crinkled piece of paper. (I imagine her holding onto it in her hand inside her pocket- freedom achieved).

Lydia said...

Susan~ I agree with you 100%. We are indeed fortunate.

Pitsit~ Oh, how you honor me by reading posts from April to September! I cannot believe you did that, and am truly humbled. Honestly, your lovely and detailed comment brought tears to my eyes. I cannot thank you enough.

Margaret~ I love so much that you actually imagined her holding the paper inside her pocket. That's a beautiful addition to the story. Thanks so much.



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