Saturday, October 26, 2013

Form for All: the Rondeau — We count in days


We count in days our times away
from unshared lives, thus we convey
parts of ourselves in space and time
when I am yours and you are mine
if not next year then for today.

What will become of this foray
into this shining spot astray?
Our sun-filled walks in perfect clime
we count in days.

‘Midst misty fog and ocean spray
I find my rock, I spy Pompeii.
Though not so young, not in our prime,
our spices blend like tender thyme.
I cannot help that you hold sway.
We count in days.


I am too late to submit this for dVerse Poets Pub Form for All~the Rondeau, hosted this week by Tony Maude. His writing prompt on the Rondeau caught my fancy nevertheless and I enjoyed the exercise. Thank you, Tony.

Acrylic painting: Oregon coast, between Netarts Bay and Oceanside by Anna


susan said...

The beautiful imagery speaks very much to my heart.

Lydia said...

Thank you so much, susan.

Anonymous said...

Your images are a treat for all the senses; your rhymes are really clever - Pompeii is genius - and the overall mood of your rondeau is gentle and romantic. You speak of the rewards that come from a long, faithful love ... something many of us asppire to enjoy.

Thanks for joining in, and thanks for flagging this up at dVerse. I'm so glad you did ... smiles

brudberg said...

Oh this is a beautiful tender rondeau.. I really liked it, and those rhymes are very nice, a perfect cadence and the imagery of sea-breeze fills me with happiness... Hope you link it up on Tuesday on OLN instead.. ;-)

A Cuban In London said...

It is such a vivid poem. I loved it. The painting, as well, is really beautiful.

Greetings from London.

Brian Miller said...

nice...i like the blending like spices there in the end...interesting inclusion of pompeii as well...did you really see it or was it an addition...i think it takes it beyond either way...and there is such a comfortable sense of being together in use of form lydia...

What's the story at Dalamory said...

It is clever as well as hauntingly beautiful and it had me searching the net for details of form and other examples. Online you really do learn something new every day. Thank you. Freda from Dalamory

susan said...

What I should have added was to let you know my immediate reaction was to feel that nostalgia of the moment.

G-Man said...

I got my eye on YOU!!!

kj said...

are you in LOVE, lydia?!

that's what i think :^)




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