Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Those moments

The 100 year dream by Ms. Kriss

Those moments of lightly tumbling
in the darkness of my room, after
reading a page or a chapter given to me
from someone else's thoughts, those moments
after the light is out and I have reached
for the cat to soothingly connect her
dreamworld with my own coming from
that mysterious place where dreams hide,
those moments so precious to be in living
human form that slides between realms— when
I wonder if I will be warm, too warm during
the night, or dead, too dead to know when 
morning comes, —when the difference between
life and death is muted by the consolation
of my comforter, the utter silence outside,
the softness of Willow's fur against my skin, —
when my breathing no longer belongs to me
and I no longer create or direct my thoughts,
—when images come that delight me and
almost take me into their stories, but are
sent away by frightful horrors and I know I
can obliterate them if only I will, and I watch
from somewhere now far away as a warrior
emerges, —when the warrior now has power
over those moments, determining swift victory,
then deep sleep, or entry into a nightmare world
or, worse, re-entry into the cycle of
those moments . . .

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2014 give you many marvelous moments Awake! and may your dreams come true for you this year.


Brian Miller said...

and hopefully we can be the warrior in that realization...

happy new year lydia....smiles.

Fireblossom said...

Happy New Year!

susan said...

What a magnificent poem, Lydia. As one who had the experience of climbing into a comfy bed one night only to awake in the ER next day your ruminations on the fleeting qualities of our lives are very apt.

May you enjoy a safe and gentle 2014.

ds said...

"Be ye wake or sleep?" I asked my child years ago…an odd place, that land in between. I hope your warrior is always triumphant. This is brilliant, Lydia.
Happy, healthy, creative 2014 to you!

kj said...

It's my turn to say I'm off to bed and I cannot do justice to this very powerful poem . You deserve specifics but at this late hour all I can say it is magnificent --possibly your best

I hope to return with wider eyes

Love love

SG said...

Lovely! Wish you a great year..

Folkways Note Book said...

Such thoughts -- so deep -- probably thoughts of the human race at various times -- barbara



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