Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Flash 55 — The beaches

I must have them for they
had me at foggy swoosh —
at hoods-up walks with doggy
at making seabreeze stories —
at one hand pulled by another’s
up to lips for a tender kiss
at sunset, later drifting to a
warm pocket where the day's
sweet find lay hidden in granular
grace. It is the beaches.

My post in exactly 55 words written for Friday Flash 55.
Visit G-Man and his Mr. Knowitall community for more weekly 55s.

Valentine's Day is also celebrated as Oregon Statehood Day, and it is Oregon's 155th birthday today. This poem (that contains a few words from a favorite Avett Brother's song) is to honor my state's spectacular coast, my special connection with it, and my love for those who have shared time with me there, never to be forgotten.



izzy said...

Like the grit and realism- wind and
dogs- Somehow romance fits in with all of that! thanks!

Brian Miller said...

happy valentines...i love the beach...i miss being near the coast and being able to see it...i need it as well...

G-Man said...

Lydia fair Lydia.....
I've walked along Oregon's beaches
You described your longing PERFECTLY!
Thats because you are Perfection!
Loved your windswept 55
Thanks for playing and sharing,
Thanks for your great support and kind words, have a Kick Ass Week-End

Other Mary said...

You words really make me miss the beach. :o)

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

you had me at hoods-up walks with doggy, plus throwing in a guitar hero for good measure

Margaret said...

if he could go back he'd promise …I'd never let your love slip from my hands … Nice lyrics.

Oregon is a state I would love to visit someday. I'm exploring the south east coast now.



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