Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sobriety: 32 years

Alone, young birdy

Ich komme aus meinen Schwingen heim -by Rainier Maria Rilke

I come home from the soaring in which I lost myself.
I was song, and the refrain which is God
is still roaring in my ears.

Now I am still
and plain:
no more words.

To the others I was like a wind:
I made them shake.
I’d gone very far, as far as the angels,
and high, where light thins into nothing.

But deep in the darkness is God.

-from Rilke's Book of Hours – Love Poems to God

As I have since this blog's inception, on the day of my sobriety anniversary I publish this treasured Rilke poem, but with a new image each year.


Pitsit sekaisin said...

Congratulations, 32 years ago you were born again. You were born to be another kind of person you used to be in your earlier life and your rebirth was certainly a hard and painful experience. I'm so happy for you, and I enjoy now in your blog of your beautiful words that pain in you gave birth. Rilke has many great poems, but the poem you have chosen crystallized the feeling and the world of your mind that will surely reflect your mind best. Take care and lots of hugs ... :)

Lydia said...

@ Pitsin After many years of reading your comments here and being so enthralled b your creative blog posts, I want to pause and tell you how much your blog friendship means to me. ♥

Rosaria Williams said...

Thanks for your comment. I miss blogging, still looking for a new platform. Life can be overwhelming.

e said...

32 years and all of those that came before made you the woman you are today. Congratulations. I love your gratitude post.



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