Friday, June 11, 2010

Dex's seminar at Johns Hopkins ends...Oregon tomorrow!

Well, friends, the next photos you see of Dex will be taken here in Oregon during
his seven-day visit with Michael and me. You may have wondered exactly how his trip to the U.S. came to be. The images above will help me to quickly explain (quickly, because my "to-do" list still has items to check off):

  • A couple of months ago Dex emailed to let me know that he had applied for a scholarship through the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health. It would cover his round-trip airfare and two-week accommodations at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.
  • He indicated that he doubted he would be awarded the scholarship.
  • He was awarded the scholarship to attend the 8th Annual Institute in Reproductive Health and Development. 
  • He had a wonderful contact person at the Institute who arranged his travel, while he took care of the travel visa in Manila.
Dear Mom,
Just a quick message to tell you that the kind consul at the US embassy has approved my J-1 visa this morning. I am very happy now that all is certain...
  • We arranged for his one-way ticket from Baltimore to Portland and will pick him up Saturday early evening. 
  • Saturday happens to be the day of the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade (we attended last year's parade) so the city will be hopping and festive for Dex's first impression of Oregon. 
  • I am anxious to hear all about the seminar and more about his stay on the east coast. As you can see Johns Hopkins arranged for a day of sight-seeing in Washington D.C. for the seminar attendees. The first three shots were taken in Baltimore, the last three images are in Washington D.C. and my favorite is the one of Dex at the statue of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his dog, Fala.
  • Ironically, back last December Michael had arranged next week in June as a vacation week - how perfect is that?

Regarding my "to-do" list, not all that I had planned to accomplish in the house can be done at this point. The house and yard are in pretty good shape for company now anyway. I have been made miserable in the last month with an allergic rash that my doctor is now treating with oral steroids and antihistamines, so a little relief is accompanied by some spaciness from the meds until my body adjusts to them, and an allergist must hone in the source of the allergy after Dex leaves. So when my i-Google horoscope for today showed on my personal page this morning I took it to heart:
By Rick Levine
You may be fighting against your worst enemy now: you. Your friends may be going out of their way to be very nice to you because they can see that you're more stressed out than usual. It's hard for you to concentrate today because there are so many little things vying for your attention. But even if you have many chores to do, it still may be wiser to delay them until after you take some personal time for yourself.



Phivos Nicolaides said...

This is wonderful and you are both so kind persons. Hugs.

Rhiannon said...

Oh Lydia you and your hubby have a great time with your friend "Dex"..this is so wonderful isn't it? Wow...maybe your rash started while fixing the house up for the visit of Dex? I know that happens to me when trying to clean up and all the dust and such. Here's hoping you get better with that and yes your astrology deal sounds right on.
Like it said you need to take care of yourself also..not an easy balance is it? Ha! Don't I know it!

Have a great time my friend but try to take lots of deep breaths and good rest too...okay?



Lydia said...

Phivos~ Dex is a kind person too and I think we will have a wonderful visit!

Rhi~ Oh, such sage advice. You are great to remind me to take care of myself - all the more today since I stayed up finishing things until 5:00a and got up at 9:00a, not by choice but couldn't sleep. I am really excited, and it is likely that the rash spread as a result of some anxiety. But it started on my legs back in December so there is something systemic-an allergy that I need to pinpoint.

Have a great weekend, Rhi. I won't be checking blogs for the next days but will catch up later.

Erin Davis said...

Hi Lydia,

I've been away from blogland for about a month or so, and was so happy to pop in and visit here. Thanks for sharing Dex with us on your blog. I hope you have a wonderful time with him. I've been caught in the endless rash-antihistamine-steroid cycle before (in my case it was a sun allergy). I hope you get relief soon.

Lydia said...

Erin~ Our first hours together really did feel like family, so it's a special time. Dex is a dear one.

I felt consolation simply by knowing that you've been in this same cycle as me. The meds really mess with yo at first...I am def feeling relief. A sun allergy would be a toughie. What can be done long-term for that, I wonder...

j said...

So Dex must be there now -- I hope you are having a fabulous time and that your allergic reaction subsides, that the meds work and stop messing with your mind and start helping your body.

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us, too. They remind me of home.

Lydia said...

Jennifer~ He is! and we are having the fabulous time you hoped we would be having. My meds have begun to work the right way. Unfortunately, Michael has been suffering with what is either a tooth problem or throat but would not go to the doctor until he was on vacation. He has an appointment on Monday a.m. before we leave for the beach, and Dex began having a catchy-type cough his last night in Baltimore, so we may see if he can piggyback onto Michael's appointment. Jeez, even vacations have complications..... :)

Nancy said...

Hope you feel better soon. Have a wonderful time with Dex. This is such an amazing story - you should pass it along to the MacGregor's blog - "Synchronicity"!

Lydia said...

Nancy~ Thanks for your well wishes and appreciation. I think I have visited the MacGregor's blog via yours a couple of times. When all settles back to normal I will try to remember this. :)



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