Saturday, November 26, 2011

Straw and ether: a poem

Dusk Above by Cynthia Irvine

Straw and ether

Gold and silver
Young and old,
Straw and ether
Silver and gold.
Sands of ages
Waves of lather;
Pathway ends
So it was told
By the sages.

Seashore tends
Ether and straw,
Gold for young
Old into silver -
Silver lining
Pot of gold -
Shadow and light.

Fisherman fishes
From the brining,
Fish wife mends
So it was told.

Crow has a caw,
Crab has a claw,
Cod has neither
Caught and sold:
Scales so bright.

Seashore tends
Straw and ether;
Sunset is gold
Make some wishes.

Pathway bends
Gold upon gold,
Silver on silver.

Light and shadow
Ether and straw;
Gulls like shallow
Whales deep draw,
Songs so right
By those sages -
Young and old
Mystic and callow.

Waves of lather
Sands of ages,
Seashore tends
Straw and
Pathway wends:
Into ether.

                                                                                                                         MLydiaM ~ November 2011



Heaven said...

How lovely the form and words you weave about the colours of life, gold and silver. Yet we all end up like sands on the seashores on the pathway ends. Beautiful reflections from your heart...I appreciate this ~

Eko said...

Mainio kuva - mukavalla 'riimityksellä' maustettu...!
Tie jatkuu... ja jatkuu... kauas...
Sinisen hämärän Terveiset Eko

Lydia said...

Heaven~ You are so kind. I really appreciate you visiting my blog without having a writing prompt leading you here! Means a lot.

Eko~ I agree that the photograph is so beautiful! The photographer would be pleased to know you like it....her name is linked below the image. Happy Autumn from here to Finland.

mythopolis said...

I like this a lot. Something alchemical about it.

bfk said...

Delightful imagery. Wonderful metaphor.

(PS This is my third attempt. Old Blogger® continues to have memcache problems.)

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ Thanks for your cool comment! I see you have been busybusy writing, and will stop by to read.

bfk~ Loved your comment. Thank you.

Appreciated the tip about memcache (thank you for your perseverance) and I visited Google Help Group, read complaints from others and some replies, and then cleared my browser's memory cache of everything as a first try to settle this mess.

hedgewitch said...

That first stanza, really lovely and delicate, sparse yet full of image, hooked me right in--I've read it twice now and it feels modern and bardic at the same time. Really like this one, Lydia--I seldom get to even a minimalist lake beach any more, but you brought that whole microcosm to life, as well as adding a few extra layers.

Olga said...

A very beautiful poem. It reminds me of waves, which roll over and settle in the sand as words.

Mama Zen said...

Brilliant write! I love the images you conjure.

ds said...

I love all the layers you wove into this, along with your silver, gold and straw. Wonderful, Lydia. Thank you.

Lydia said...

hedgewitch~ I so appreciate your manner of critiquing poetry. Your comments always teach me something and make me feel so grateful. Thank you for being there. (and you deserve a trip to a minimalist beach, lake or ocean!)

Olga~ How beautiful and kind of you to say that. :)

Mama Zen~ Wow, thanks much!

ds~ Thank you for such a thoughtful comment! :)



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